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Рrevention of school neurosis: experience of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky and modernity

Author: Lysytsia Hryhorii Hryhorovych
Fund: Articles
Category: Psychology
Keywords: student health; school psychogenia; overload; pedagogical culture.

Lysytsia, H. H. (2019). Profilaktyka shkilnykh nevroziv: dosvid V. O. Sukhomlynskoho i suchasnist [Рrevention of school neurosis: experience of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky and modernity]. Veresen, 1-2 (80-81), 69-76 (ukr).


Among the negative changes in the health of modern students, more and more often, a rather high level of morbidity for neurosis is noted. The relationship between the educational process and the development of the certain type of school psychogenia is shown and the preconditions for the disease origin are described. Specific ways of solving the school neuroses problem in Pavlitskaya high school in the days of Vasyl Sukhomlynsky are described. It is shown that the main causes of school psychogenia distinguished by the Pavlitskaya high school teacher and researcher continues to exist in modern educational establishments, the strength of their influence on students' health and manifestations in different age groups of learners practically have not changed. There are facts that prove that the recommendations of the humanist teacher as for prevention and solving the problem of learners’ mental health deterioration have not become widely implemented yet. Attention is drawn to the close connection between the psychophysiological "price" of modern students’ cognitive activity and the success of educational reform.