Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Infographics as an information technology for visualization of educational materials

Author: Tykhonova Tetiana Valentynivna, Zakhar Olga Hermanivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Informatics
Keywords: infographics, visualization, technology.

Tykhonova, T. V. & Zakhar, O. H. (2015). Infohrafika yak informatychna tekhnolohiia vizualizatsii navchalnykh materialiv [Infographics as information technology of visualization of educational materials]. Informatyka ta informatsiini tekhnolohii v navchalnykh zakladakh, 2/3, 20–26 (ukr).


In the article possibilities of infographics as a modern tool of educational materials visualization technologies are investigated on the basis of such technologies didactic bases and principles of infographics development are described and classification of its objects and examples of infographics use in educational process are given.