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Assertive behavior of personality in the context of the educational heritage of V. O. Suhomlinsky

Author: Khozratkulova Iryna Anatoliivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Psychology
Keywords: humanism, humanity, educational process, youth, adolescents, manipulation, education, violence, social interest, interaction, assertiveness.

Khozratkulova, I. A. (2019). Asertyvna povedinka osobystosti v konteksti vykhovnoi spadshchyny V. O. Sukhomlynskoho [Assertive behavior of personality in the context of the educational heritage of V. O. Suhomlinsky].Veresen, 1-2 (80-81), 76-83 (ukr).


The article deals with the problem of manipulation and violence in modern society. Most modern children and young people consider manipulation and psychological abuse to be a completely normal phenomenon, and allow it in everyday interaction. Society is already aware of the catastrophic consequences of such problematic interaction. Modern educators, psychologists and sociologists are constantly looking for ways to prevent and correct aggressive destructive behavior. V.O. Sukhomlinsky was the first to talk about the leading role of nurturing spirituality, without which there can be no socio-economic progress. The necessity of introducing humanistic ideas into the modern educational space is stated in the article. Attention is drawn to the present and world importance of the educational ideas of V.O. Sukhomlinsky, who defended the ideas of humanism and the fact that only smart and humane people can create a true humane society. The problem is that the modern school is becoming a purely educational structure, where education is in the background. The dominant values of today's teenagers are material success, money and things. Young people with the psychology of "winner-manipulator" condemn society to the disease of cruelty and misunderstanding. Therefore, the formation of nonviolent communication and intelligent thinking among children and adolescents is an extremely important task of the educational process in any educational institution. The article emphasizes that such ideas, expressive of the humanistic orientation of V.О. Sukhomlinsky, as modern as ever. Also, the article emphasizes the relevance of education in the younger generation of humanity as opposed to American egocentrism. Educators should orient the younger generation to the compassion and altruistic desire to help others, understanding the human differences - by demonstrating the traits of a true Ukrainian character. The article states the necessity of organizing psychological support for a young person