Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Innovative approaches to the organization and conduct of scientific research activities in biology lessons (from experience Khamitsevich Svetlana Nikolaevna, the teacher of biology of MMK of a name VD Chaika, teacher-methodologist): Collection of materials

Author: Myronenko Iryna Volodymyrivna
Fund: Popular science, journalistic publications
Category: Natural sciences
Keywords: Work with gifted students, conducting research, classes, teachers, natural sciences, biology


The presented collection of materials summarizes the experience works by Svetlana Mykolayivna Khamitsevych, MMK biology teacher named after VD Chaika, a teacher-methodologist. Proposed methods: work with gifted students, conducting research work tested on classes for teachers of natural sciences, as well as basics health and other categories of students of advanced training courses qualifications. The manual is designed for teachers of biology, chemistry, natural sciences, students of p