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Social and economic activities of the Еrdeli family

Author: Volos Olga Vasylivna
Fund: Articles
Category: History of Ukraine
Keywords: Erdeli, Mostove, Kherson guberniya, family, social and economic activities, social infrastructure

Scientific works of the historical faculty of Zaporizhia national university. - Zaporozhye: ZNU, 2016. - Issue. 45. - Volume 1. - 326 s. - P. 82-88.


The article contains the analysis of the social and economic activities of the members of the Erdeli family, who lived in the Mostove town of Kherson guberniya, Ananyivskyi povit, the territory, which became the part Mykolayiv region later. The article emphasizes that in the XIX century the Erderli family developed social infrastructure in the town: medical services, education, post, roads, telegraph. The special contribution of Mykola Volodymyrovych and Borys Mykolayovych is mentioned. The author specifies the diversity of cultural interests of the family members, including the collections of antiques and the early printed books.