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How to prepare parents for the child's entry into school: lesson outline

Author: Kucherenko Alina Viktorivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Psychology
Keywords: Psychological readiness for school, adaptation, social component, emotional-volitional component, intellectual component, motivational component, first-grader, team, succession steps, components of success, patience, awareness, positive traits, affirmations, feedback, training, collage, reflection

Bilan O. I., Partyko T. B., Khoma O. Ye. (1994) Metodychni rekomendatsii dlia diahnostyky shkilnoi zrilosti ditei 6 — 7 rokiv [Methodical recommendations for the diagnosis of school maturity of children 6 - 7 years]. Ukrainskyi osvitnii zhurnal. Konspekt. Seriia psykholohichna, 1, 39-105 (ukr). Holovan N. O., & Pryshchepa . K. S. (1990) Vikovi osobyvosti ditei shestyrichnoho viku ta yikh diahnostyka. Navchannia i vokhovannia shestyrichnykh pershoklasnykiv [Age characteristics of six-year-old ch


The article has a psychoprophylactic direction. It contains a synopsis of a lesson with elements of training for parents of future first-graders, which aims to establish cooperation between the child, school and family on the successful adaptation of the child to school. In order to form sufficient psychological stability, high self-esteem, social abilities and prepare the child for future learning painlessly in the article it is recommended to work with parents and future teachers. There are four components of psychological readiness for school, which need to pay attention to parents and teachers, which will contribute to the successful learning of the child. The article will be useful for practical psychologists, social educators, teachers, parents.