Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Kostiantyn Ushynskyi’s literary heritage as the basis of textcentred approach in Ukrainian language learning at secondary school

Author: Kuznietsova Anastasiia Mykolaivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Technologies
Keywords: communication skills, literary heritage of Ushynskyi, methods and techniques of working with text, modern educational approaches, modern Ukrainian language lesson, textcentred approach.

Kuznetsova, A. М. (2020). Literary heritage of K. Ushinsky as the basis of text-centric technology of studying the Ukrainian language in secondary school. September, 1 (84), 43–49 (ukr).


The article is devoted to the literary heritage use of the outstanding Ukrainian XX century teacher Konstantin Ushinsky as the basis for the text centred approach in the secondary Ukrainian language lessons. The reorientation of school education to the developing of subject and core competencies (in this case particularly throughout Ukrainian language lessons) requires changing the traditional approaches. The unity of linguistic, speech and spelling competencies is the heart of the text centred approach. This technology is undoubtedly productive, because working within text develops the language perception and enriches learners’ vocabulary. Text-based language learning enables to monitor the language functioning and to develop language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With this approach, language acquisition becomes not an abstract knowledge, but a conscious practice. As for learning Ukrainian language the text centred approach involves the use of various methods and techniques, as well as provides partnership and interaction (working in pairs, micro groups, groups, individual and collective work).