Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


The impact of teacher’s subject-methodical competence in the formation of historical competence of pupils

Author: Mykhailovych Anna Ivanivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: the purpose of teaching history, professional competence, motivation, competence substantive historical, social needs.

Mikhailovich, G. I. (2013). Influence of subjectmethodical competences of the teacher on formation of historical competence of student's youth. September. Special issue, 108–114


To ensure the development of the student as an individual, guided by humanistic norms and values, recognizes himself as a citizen of Ukraine and successfully self-fulfilling in modern Ukrainian society, only the teacher and historian can, which is inherent in state¬consciousness, democracy and humanity, vocational and professional expertise, high level of personal culture. Teaching history in schools should be based on methodological principles such as objectivity, historical, a multiperspectiveness, social approach.