Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Regional art as a competency-active component of teacher of the New Ukrainian School

Author: Petrenko Olha Mikolayivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Art and aesthetic education
Keywords: regional art, teacher's competencies, methodological approaches, local artistic history, models of activity, Mykolaiv region.

Petrenko, O. M. (2020). Rehionalne mystetstvо yak kompetentnisno-diialnisna skladova roboty vchytelia NUSh (na prykladi Mykolaivshchyny) [Regional art as a competence-activity component of the work of a teacher of NUS (on the example of Mykolayiv region)]. Mystetstvo ta osvita: naukovo-metodychnyi zhurnal, 4 (98), 2–5 (ukr).


The article considers issues of regional art and aspects of its development in the conditions of the New Ukrainian School (by the example of Mykolaiv region). The questions are put before a teacher: to use tools of analysis capable to capture these occureness as manifestations of artistic phenomenon; how to develop a strategy of practical actions for acquisition, search and translation of artistic values related to the region culture. The purpose of the article is to attempt to combine the epistemological and praxeological aspects of artistic local history in the competence-activity projection. Regional art as a subject of scientific and practical discourse requires comprehensive coverage based on interactivity, innovation, synergy, which involves usage of different methodological approaches. The contextual approach is based on civilizational and historical-cultural foundations determined by worldview paradigms, types of thinking, ideas about the world picture. The semiotic approach involves the study of regional artistic experience in terms of the national cultural semiosphere as a sign system of functioning of archetypes, symbols in artistic texts. The interpretative approach allows to interpret works and phenomenon of regional art in comparative perspective. The integrated approach involves a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of regional art and requires integration of knowledge in pedagogy and psychology of arts, and other sciences. Implementing the creative and productive potential of regional art in different forms of activity transfert the contribution of several models in school practice. Regional art in the competence and activity paradigm of the New Ukrainian School is a means of knowing and translating national cultural universals in the diversity of values and sences.