Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


From language situation то language resistance: the experience of Mykolayiv region

Author: Lukyanenko Dariya Viacheslavivna, Kuleshova Oksana Anatoliivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Ukrainian language
Keywords: language situation, language stability, monitoring research, strategic directions.

Lukyanenko, D. V. & Kuleshova, O. A. (2019). From the language situation to language stability: the experience of Mykolayiv region. September, 3–4 (82–83), 123–132 (ukr).


Today, the level of language proficiency and speech determines the general level of development of a competent citizen focused on professional activity and able to serve the Ukrainian language in his daily communication. One of the important factors in the formation of a cultural personality is the linguistic situation in educational institutions. In order to analyze the actual linguistic situation in the institutions of general secondary educationin Mykolaiv region, a monitoring study «Language situation ininstitutions of general secondary education of Mykolaiv region» was conducted. According to the results, the factors contributing to the formation of stable motivation for students in the study of the Ukrainian language, the upbringing of love and respectforit, and factors that hinder this process have been identified; The attitude of teachers to the Ukrainian language and its level of owner ship are determined. There suiting data array gives grounds to state: for situation albilingual is mand mixed broad casting, which depends on the circle of linguistic contacts of subjects of communication, is character is tic for Mykolaiv region. This fact led to the need to determine the strategic directions of ensuring language stability in the Mykolayiv region in the education system: improving the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language by subjects of the educational process; image of the Ukrainian language; reducing the influence of factors that negatively affect the attitude towards the Ukrainian language and the desire to use it regard less of the communicative situation. Such directions were included in to the action program developed by the Mykolayiv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, the implementation of which is represented by a system of measures aimed atin creasing the level of proficiency in the Ukrainian language, raising the prestige among students and teachers, expanding the scope of it suse regardless of the situation of communication.