Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Concepts of postgraduate teachers education modeling in the post-non-classical paradigm (based on «Teacher Seminary Project» by Kostiantyn Ushynskyi)

Author: Stoikova Viktoriia Volodymyrivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: dual education, internship, mentoring, modules (cases), professional development, supervision, teaching internship, teaching practice.

Stoykova, V. V. (2020). Concepts of modeling the technology of postgraduate education of teachers in the post-classical paradigm (based on the work of K. D. Ushinsky «Project of the teacher's seminary»). September, 1 (84), 11–21 (ukr).


The article describes the study results of the basic concepts which model the teachers ’ development technology’ in postgraduate establishments under post-industrial society and post-non-classical science. The author has run a comparative analysis of «Teacher Seminary Project» by Kostiantyn Ushynskyi and «Forthcoming Post-Industrial Society» by D. Bell. This made it possible to generalize the teachers training fundamental principles predicted by Kostiantyn Ushynskyi and to establish their relevance. Intotal, four classicalprinciples have been identified. The first one defines the organizational structure of the education system to ensure the postgraduate teachers ’development. The second principle reveals the content component of pedagogical education. The third and fourth ones determine the technologies during teachers training and at the stages of professional growing and pedagogical autonomy. It is established that the teacher development in the post-industrial society will acquire a new quality if the postgraduate system to be modelled according to the post-non-classical science. Based on the obtained conclusions, the author selected appropriate organization models of postgraduate pedagogical education, which are consistent with professional development classical principles and human-centered principle of post-industrial society. The article describes the following selected models: short-term and end-to-end professional development courses, dual training courses, competence-oriented elective modules (cases), certified scientific, methodical and educational events and corporate training. The study results have formed the basis of an updated model of teacher training in Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute.