Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Mandatory teacher self-development: from Kostiantyn K. D. Ushynskyi’s heritage to the today’s requirements

Author: Tykhonova Tetiana Valentynivna, Domaskina Maryna Anatoliivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: competence of a teacher, teacher professional self-development, teacher professional standard: the heritage of Kostiantyn Ushynskyi.

Tikhonova, T. V. & Domaskina, M. A. Invariants of professional self-development of a teacher: from the scientific heritage of K. D. Ushinsky to the requirements of the present. September, 1 (84), 50–58 (ukr).


Education reform taking place in different countries of the world and particularly in Ukraine, requires the emergence of a teacher with new professional qualities. The modern teacher is flexible and capable of a quick respond to social and educational transformations. Professional teacher self-development means integration of external training and internal movement connected with reflection. Being a subject of professional development the teacher is always focused on society’s requirements. Kostiantyn Ushynskyi was the first of the scientists who tried to reasonably formulate the need for teachers self-education and self-improvement. The authors analyzed state professional teachers standard and the requirements for teacher self-development on the basis of Kostiantyn Ushynskyi’s scientific works. They identified mandatory teacher qualities and skills that are continual professional reflection, lifelong learning, citizenship, leadership qualities, own beliefs, didactic competence, creativity, planning skills, setting the learning outcomes, building the rapport, understanding the learners; applying cognition methods. Further research may imply the content of psychological and andragogical teacher self- development in postgraduate education.