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Bogdanivka scool by arkas - remarkable phenomenon for history of Mykolayiv region

Author: Bundyuchenko Tetyana Viktorivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: Bogdanivka, cultural and educational progress, «History of Ukraine-Rus», Mykola Arkas, national and cultural revival, Ukrainian school.

Bundyuchenko, T. V. (2020). Bogdanov School of Arkas is a unique event in the history of Mykolayiv region. September, 1 (84), 83–89 (ukr).


The article is concerned with the issue of the organization of the Ukrainian school in Bogdanivka village by Mykola Arkas. This educational institution has became the remarkable phenomenon for history of Mykolaiv region. At the time of the oppression of all Ukrainian, the foundation of the Bogdanivka School was not an easy task, but it was extremely important for awakening the national consciousness of the local population and the country in general. Of course, the process of foundation of the Ukrainian school by Mykola Arkas was complicated. Besides the necessity of obtaining official permission, it was equally important to find a teacher who could teach in Ukrainian. There was also a problem with textbooks for learners. Only thanks to the persistence and diligence of Mykola Mykolayovych Arkas it was possible to realize the plan. The school had started working. Everyone was satisfied with the result of the functioning of the school: M. Arkas, and he often wrote about it in letters to his friends and acquaintances; and students; and parents, who listened the works of Ukrainian writers from children for the first time. But unfortunately, due to the denunciations of the local priest, the Bogdanivka school was closed very soon. Despite the rather short period of working of the Ukrainian school in Bogdanivka, it has a considerable influence on the further cultural and educational progress in Mykolaiv region.