Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Golgotha ​​of truth and science. Educators of Mykolayiv region are victims of repressive and punitive system

Author: Nikolaiev Ihor Yevhenovych, Hladun Vitalii , Volos Olga Vasylivna, Makarchuk Sergey, Parhomenko Vladislav, Irtyshcheva Olena
Fund: Monographs
Category: History of Ukraine
Keywords: 2021


The monograph is the first generalizing complex research in which on materials of funds of the state and departmental archives of the Nikolaev area the reasons, key factors and consequences of punitive and repressive policy of the Bolshevik power against educators of Nikolaevshchina in 1920-50th are opened. The mechanisms and ideological factors of the state policy of terror against the educational one are reflected community. The specifics of falsification of criminal cases against teachers of the region in connection with the genesis of the totalitarian system are shown. It is proved that the main purpose of repressive measures was to eliminate ideological opponents of the regime, to destroy the national component of public education, to establish total control over society in all spheres of activity. To the scientific a significant array of archival documents was introduced. The publication is designed for scientific and pedagogical workers, historians, local historians, the mass reader, anyone interested in the history of the native land.