Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Integrated learning technology in primary school; research and experimental regional work

Author: Sokurenko Olena Oleksiivna
Fund: Articles
Category: New Ukrainian school
Keywords: competence approach; holistic integration; integrated learning; learning process; new Ukrainian school; perception; primary school; research and experimental work.

Sokurenko, O. O. (2020). Introduction of technology of integrated education in primary school: features of research-experimental work of regional level. September, 2–3 (85–86), 61–72 (ukr).


The growing demands on the content and organization of the learning process in primary school require new, more effective teaching approaches to teaching a personality. Overall, the purpose of New Ukrainian School is a conscious, comprehensively developed, creative person. To meet these expectations it is recommended to study the content of primary education on the basis of interdisciplinary integration and task-based approach. The author identifies the problem in general, analyzes the main research and publications on this issue. The article presents the results of research and experimental regional work on «Integrated learning in primary school on the basis of New Ukrainian School». The purpose of research and experimental work was to develop and test models for the integrated learning in primary school according to the Concept «New Ukrainian School» and the State Standard of Primary Education. The Concept «New Ukrainian School» enhances teachers to select the proper content, which allows young learners to perceive reality holistically. There are two models of subject-integrated learning presented in the article. Model 1. Organization of the learning process with simultaneous work of two small classes with the maximum use of integration. Model 2. Using a system of shortened lessons with alternate involvement of students of different classes for cooperation. The learning effectiveness in each classroom is determined by many external and internal factors. Perspectives for further research on an integrated approach in primary school are identified in the article either.