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Mental health of a teacher as a factor of professional mobility

Author: Slivinska Tеtiana Alexandrovna
Fund: Articles
Category: Psychology
Keywords: mental health; mental health indicators; professional mobility; professionally mobile teacher; types of professional mobility

Slyvinska, T. O. (2020). Mental health of a teacher as a factor of his professional mobility. September, 2–3 (85–86), 73–79 (ukr).


The article analyzes the different scientists’ views on the definition «psychological health», it reveals the essence of professional mobility and identifies its components. There are indicators of psychological health as a factor of teachers mobility in terms of updated educational content and new methods of work. The topic of the article is revealed by analyzing the scientifi and pedagogical publications on the teachers’ professional health issue. The relevance of mental health as a factor of effective occupational mobility has been identified. The current stage of the education system in Ukraine requires quick teachers development. A teacher of renewed Ukrainian education has to respond and adapt to rapid changes, to master new teaching technologies, to design their professional path, to assess their own resources (physical and mental), to have strong self-regulation skills and to be professionally mobile. A fundamental premise for the successful teacher self-realization is their psychological health, which is a source of any activity and creativity. Emotionally and psychologically healthy teachers have a positive effect on their students at all stages of educational work. After all, the teacher’s condition directly affects children not only at the knowledge level, but also at the emotional and bioenergy levels. A teacher suffering from psychological instability, personality deformation or burnout syndrome immediately affects the learning process quality and the health of children.