Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Development of pedagogical ideas of Yakov Chepiga in New Ukrainian school

Author: Burlaka Tetiana Yuriivna
Fund: Articles
Category: New Ukrainian school
Keywords: national identity; professional development of a teacher; self-development and self-improvement of a teacher.

Burlaka, T. Yu. (2020). Development of pedagogical ideas of Yakov Chepiga in the New Ukrainian school. September, 2–3 (85–86), 108–117 (ukr).


The article considers some pedagogical ideas of Yakiv Chepiga who was a famous teacher and a public figiure. The author considers Chepiga’s Ukrainian national school in the context of the current «New Ukrainian School» Concept. The study of this teacher’s legacy is due to the resemblance of his practice and principles of modern education. The author studies the pedagogical success’ components, which were defied by Yakiv Chepiga. They include high professionalism, psychology knowledge, the teacher’s responsibility to society. A teacher is seen as a central figure in the learning process, as well as a driving force of school development, a role model and a patriot, who is able to cooperate with a child and their parents. Among other important factors influencing the quality of education the author singles out the teacher’s flexibility, deep study of the child’s nature and applying psychological laws in the learning process. Another aspect of a teacher job is constant self-education and improvement. The author of the article agrees with the opinion of Yakiv Chepiga on the importance of Ukrainian cultural and national heritage in the learning process that later supports the child in their adulthood.