Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Teacher self-development: from the maxims of Yakiv Chepiga’s pedagogical heritage to the regional project

Author: Stoikova Viktoriia Volodymyrivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: autodynamic system of self-development; the concept of informal education; maxims of professional self-development; motivation, needs, principles of competence development; self-diagnosis, Yakiv Chepiga.

Stoykova, V. V. (2020). Self-development of a teacher: from the maxim of pedagogical heritage of Yakov Chepiga to a regional project. September, 2–3 (85–86), 118–129 (ukr).


The article substantiates the principles of the teacher self-development in a contemporary Ukrainian school in the context of classical pedagogy (based on the works of Yakiv Chepiga who was a famous Ukrainian scientist, an educator, a psychologist, a public figure and a founder of the Ukrainian national school) but taking into account the challenges of post-industrial society. The author singles out six fundamental pedagogical principles – the Yakiv Chepiga’s maxims, regarding the teacher development: 1) a teacher’s unique role in the civilization and society evolution; 2) the role of a folk teacher in Ukrainian nation development; 3) the structure of a teacher professional competence; 4) the ethical value component of teacher competence; 5) reflection and pedagogical predictions; 6) teachers’ advanced training and life-long learning. The obtained conclusions are extrapolated to the modern system of teachers advanced training. It is proved that the significance of all types of education has changed drastically during different periods of society development. In a post-industrial society (in contrast to an industrial one) informal education has a key role. The structure of the teacher self-development autodynamic system is objectified. It consists of four compulsory elements: a dynamic system (a teacher as a subject of learning process); a regulator or transmission device (motivation for professional self-development); a source of external energy (a teacher as a subject of pedagogical activity); feedback to inform the regulator about the need to obtain a new energy portion (professional needs). It is stipulated that uninterrupted functioning of this system requires coordinated work. It is possible only if to introduce the Concept of teachers’ informal education initiated by the Mykolaiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute.