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Requirement for a teacher in concepts of Yakov Chepiga

Author: Prodan Liubov Anatoliivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: education; individual approach to students; school Ukrainian pedagogy; Yakiv Chepiga

Prodan, L. A. (2020). Requirements for teachers in the pedagogical concept of Yakov Chepiga. September, 2–3 (85–86), 138–143 (ukr).


The article reveals the ideas of the outstanding Ukrainian teacher Yakiv Chepiga (1875–1938) regarding the requirements for the teacher. The development of education is impossible without taking into account the views, ideas and concepts of educators of the past. And such research is conducted to study the national pedagogical background as a multidimensional process of changes which take place due to personalities. An analysis of the domestic pedagogical heritage enriches pedagogy and makes it possible to predict its future. Academician V. Sukhomlinska noted that the study of great teachers «will always be one of the leading areas of historical and pedagogical research, especially in times of changes when rules are revised and when the personalities, that we take out of non-existence, confirm the history flow with their lives and their ideas». Thus, we come to the conclusion that Yakiv Chepiga considered the teacher to be the cultural force that carries the light of knowledge to humanity. The teacher’s behavior and appearance should be a model for students, parents and surrounding outside the school. General reflections on love are projected on the practical activities of a teacher who seeks constant self-improvement, but «it is not easy for a person to achieve an ideal». It is not easy for a teacher to treat students with constant impeccable love. But he must behave in this way, because it is his sacred and ultimate duty to keep the child’s soul intact, and therefore the teacher must cultivate their own love for people and for a child».