Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Sophia Rusova and Yakiv Chepiga: comparison of pedagogical ideas

Author: Milenina Halyna Serhiivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: a child; a teacher; education; national school; native language; New Ukrainian school; pedagogical ideas; principles of education; Sophia Rusova; Yakiv Chepiga

Milenina, G. S. (2020). Sofia Rusova and Yakov Chepiga: comparison of pedagogical ideas. September, 2–3 (85–86), 155–163 (ukr).


The author of the article compares the New Ukrainian school’s principles defied by Sophia Rusova and Yakiv Chepiga and highlights their views similarity and their desire to create a child-centred school. Getting acquainted with the heritage of Sophia Rusova and Yakiv Chepiga, we admire the coherence of their ideas aimed at improving education in Ukraine. At the beginning of the XX century Sophia Rusova and Yakiv Chepiga, along with other Ukrainian teachers, developed national education and upbringing issues, they promoted the ideas of the national school and taught in the native language. Their knowledge of the latest trends in Western European pedagogy allowed them to inflence new national school formation. Ingeniously simple statements of Yakiv Chepiga about self-education and self-improvement of the teacher are consistent with Sofi Rusova’s views. In their articles, public speeches and correspondence educators pointed out that the teacher’s path comes with awareness of the spiritual purpose of teaching which includes the light of knowledge and wisdom of previous generations. The teacher should rethink the great achievements of culture, enrich oneself with an infiite treasure of folklore, songs, language etc., and then light the beauty flme in the souls of children.