Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Surina Hanna Yuriivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: comprehensive programs; educational activities; labor school; national school; pedology; the project of the Ukrainian school; Yakov Feofanovich Chepiga.


The 145th anniversary of Yakiv Chepiga (the outstanding Ukrainian teacher and psychologist) had made it relevant to appeal to his diverse heritage. The article deals with the educational aspects of Yakiv Chepiga’s ideas and their signifiсance for modern Ukrainian education. Since Yakiv Chepiga worked in the education fild during the turbulent years of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921, he had had an opportunity to take a part and to be in charge of radical educational reforms. While defending his own «Project of the Ukrainian School», Yakiv Chepiga insisted on the national free labor school, but it was in many respects contradictory to the positions of the international collectivism concept of that time. He had campaigned against the Bolsheviks’ intentions to denationale the school according to the class principle. Yakiv Chepiga deeply realized his own belonging to Ukrainian people. At the same time he supported the ideas of the famous Western thinkers, so he designed the Ukrainian school in a universal context. The main educational directions of Yakiv Chepiga’s activity included the national school, the competence-based approach and task-based approach, the project method, and interdisciplinary integration. Thus, the appeal to the heritage of Yakiv Chepiga appears to be very useful for understanding the processes in modern Ukrainian education.