Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


The poetics source of Dmytro Kremin’s early writings (based on the manuscript «The dance of wandering fire» (1974)

Author: Kremin Taras Dmitrovich
Fund: Articles
Category: Ukrainian literature
Keywords: discourse; historiosophical motives; kalokagatia; modernism; symphonic poem.

Kremin, T. D. (2020). The source of poetics of early creativity of Dmitry Kremin (on the material of the manuscript of the collection «Tan of wandering fire» of 1974 September: 2–3 (85–86), 187–196 (ukr).


The article analyzes the manuscript of Dmytro Kremin’s little-known debut poetry collection «Dance of Wandering Fire» (1974) which despite prohibitions and criticism due to deviations from the socialist realism canons became a kind of source for the author’s poetics. In addition to the discourse on modernist symphonic poems «Adam’s Horses», «Gerstein’s Memorandum», the author of the article explores the unprecedented absurd «creative report», which the poet Dmytro Kremin had to have at a meeting in Uzhgorod state university’s literary studio in 1974.