Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Stepanyuk Natalia Konstantinovna
Fund: Articles
Category: Art and aesthetic education
Keywords: after-classes activity; Art lessons; painting of Tauria; primary school students.

Stepaniuk, N. K. (2021). Tavrian patterns. September, 1 (88), 141–154 (ukr).


The article is devoted to the Tauria painting as a unique art piece of Mykolaiv Region, which represents its history and features (symbols and ornamentation, colours and specifi elements). The painting of Tauria was discovered and named by Evhenia Bondarenko in the 1950s during her traveling along the Black Sea. As a unique system the Tauria painting has got such ornamental decoration which predominates with the patterns of marine, vegetable and animal subjects and reflcts the sea life and fihing. There are main elements of Tauria painting: «a fih», «a lighthouse», «a jellyfih», «anchors», «a sailboat», «a seahorse», «a crab», «a wind rose». Each element diffrs with its technique. The color scheme of Tauria painting has its own peculiarities (white and light-blue background with plant and animal elements, the composition is special because space is not overloaded with décor details and in such a way it allows us to focus on the plot). The author presents her own experience of teaching in a primary school. Also she introduces the teaching method according to the Tauria painting at Art classes and in afterclasses activities (using the examples of some paintings). The step-by-step support of the Tauria painting within the subjects of the program course «Art» for 1-2 grades in a comprehensive school have been proposed. It is really important to study painting of Tauria at school.