Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Khozratkulova Iryna Anatoliivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Psychology
Keywords: anticipation; self-development; self-knowledge; self-motivation; stress tolerance; teacher

Khozratkulova, I. A. (2021). Adaptation as one of the conditions for predicting the self-development of teachers. September, 2 (89), 93–102 (ukr).


The article emphasizes the attention to the necessity of anticipating capacity as a factor, which inflences teachers’ self-development. The self-examine is viewed as stress. The phenomenon of stress tolerance is presented as the ability of an individual to cope with the demands placed on a person. The problem of low stress tolerance is a serious obstacle to professional and personal motivation for selfdevelopment. Attention is paid to the importance of developing anticipation that helps actively learn about the surrounding reality and to understand new information. According to the author, it is important to study anticipation in human activities. Various psychological theories of domestic and foreign researchers, which combine the concepts of stress tolerance and anticipation, are considered. The author relies on the concepts of positive psychotherapy, based on the principle of human ability to self-development and harmony. For successful personality self-development, it is important to consider that a satisfied need causes positive emotions, gives energy for activation of volitional effrt. In the article an attempt is made to fid correlations between the stress tolerance level of the teacher and the ability to anticipate.The survey results of pedagogical staf reveal the anticipatory ability and they are presented in the article. During the study, signifiant diffrences were found in anticipation capacity between the group with high stress tolerance and the group with low stress tolerance. The study confimed the interconnection between anticipation and stress tolerance of the individual. The author notes the need for psychological support of teachers and emphasizes the implementation of teachers’ strategy of positive self-motivation. It can qualitatively affct the effctiveness of the process of self-development of teachers without loss of health.