Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: educational institution; indicators; marketing; management; monitoring

Nazarova, L. V. (2021). The need to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing in a modern educational institution. September, 2 (89), 45–53 (ukr).


The study highlights the necessity of marketing effiency evaluation concerning higher education facilities. The article reveals that current economic conditions have uncertainty and competitiveness which increase in all domains of the domestic economy, including higher education. The research states that the modern concept of marketing communication is based on the conceptual framework developed within the theories of communication, market interactions of the mass information processes, marketing networks, social forecasting, and personal choice. The purpose of the study is to reveal current trends of marketing opportunities to improve the competitiveness of higher education facilities. The objectives of the study are to fid out and prove the necessity of marketing communication. The study reveals that the issue of economic effiency evaluation of a company’s marketing, can be considered as one of the most complicated and uncertain concepts of marketing and management theory. As a result, the issues occur while choosing the evaluation system and indicators of marketing effiency. The author develops the model of the marketing effiency evaluation concerning higher education. The study presents the main milestones of the analysis of the marketing information system concerning higher education. The article investigates the necessity of marketing monitoring as a permanent observation on the main controllable and uncontrollable marketing variables. The author defies the purposes of marketing indicators development, including planning and controlling of marketing activity, as well as the opportunity to prevent possible manipulation of particular indicators. The author concludes that marketing activity provides higher education facilities with the information about external conditions of company’s functioning, i.e. reliable, verifid, and relevant information about the market, the demand structure, and dynamics, consumer preferences, suitable goods, the inflence on consumers, the analysis of demand, etc.