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Humanistic background of Vasyl Sukhomlinskyi ethical-aesthetic views

Author: Surina Hanna Yuriivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: humanitarianism of VO Sukhomlinsky, human studies, immortality of life, ethics, morality, spiritual communication, aesthetics, beauty of the soul

Surina, H. Y. (2019). Humanistychne pidgruntia etyko-estetychnykh pohliadiv V. O. Sukhomlynskoho [Humanistic background of Vasyl Sukhomlinskyi ethical-aesthetic views]. Veresen, 1-2 (80-81), 32-38 (ukr).


The life and work of Vasyl Sukhomlinsky is a classic of the world pedagogical thought, which does not lose its relevance in the innovative process transformations of education. The basis of the classical character of Vasyl Sukhomlinsky's creative heritage is his humanistic human potential. Ethical and aesthetic views of Vasily Sukhomlinsky become an essential component of his understanding of humanism in life and education. The human character of humanism of pedagogical heritage of Sukhomlinsky through the prism of his ethical and aesthetic views is analyzed in the article. According to Vasily, the main subject at the school should be the human sciences, which are based on a certain hierarchy of universal values. He regarded morality as a systematic factor of education, emphasizing in the thesis not only the immortality of life, but also the immortality of the human soul. The thought of the immortality of the humanʼs spirit is one of the most important in the system of Sukhomlinskyʼs moral education. He believed that the schoolʼs education system lacked knowledge about man as the most complex being with his psychology, behavioralʼs factors, relationships and communication. One of the key points of human science Sukhomlinsky considered the concept of "the meaning of life." Insufficient training in human studies largely determines the low culture of behavior. Sukhomlinsky attached great importance to the upbringing and maintenance of the subtlety of the soul through informal conversation that touches on the most essential moral quality of man - his conscience, the most important quality in the human studies of Sukhomlinsky. Vasily has also developed a comprehensive aesthetic beauty education program that relies mainly on two classic aesthetic categories: the beautiful and the sublime. The upbringing of the beautiful, according to Sukhomlinsky, is inseparable from the process of constant inspired labor. The described views of the teacher strongly resonate with the theo