Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Formation of legal consiousness in adolescents as a means of prevention of vagrangy

Author: Klymeniuk Nataliia Vasylivna, Titorenko Sofija Ighorivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: legal consciousness, teenagers, vagrancy, general educational institution.

Naukovi praci: naukovo-metodychnyj zhurnal. – Vypusk 307, tom 319. Pedaghoghika. – Mykolajiv: Vyd-vo ChDU im. Petra Moghyly, 2018.


The article highlights the peculiarities of the formation of legal consciousness in adolescents. The means of prevention of deviant behavior, in particular vagrancy in adolescents in the conditions of a general educational institution, are investigated. The empirical research for diagnosing the level of legal consciousness among adolescents in the conditions of the comprehensive boarding school is described.