Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


SCHOOL LITERARY EDUCATION: PROBLEMS, PROSPECTS, PRACTICE (according to the ideas of the New Ukrainian School)

Author: Shuliar Vasyl Іvanovych
Fund: Monographs
Category: Ukrainian literature
Keywords: Philosophy of education, educational landscape, no-education landscape, scientific and methodological environment, own trajectory of professional and professional growth, 10 strategies, skills and competencies, Hard skills "solid" skills, Soft skills "Soft" skills.

Shulyar V. School literary education: problems, prospects, practices: practice-oriented monograph / Vasyl Shulyar. – Mykolaiv: OIPPO, 2022. – 306 s


The author analyzed the state of school literary education in the conditions of implementation of the ideas of the New Ukrainian School. The challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are taken into account. Strategies for the implementation of identified problems in the practical activities of subjects of school literary education are presented. Practice-oriented monograph is a logical continuation of the series of editions "Forming a competent reader of the New Ukrainian School." Designed for methodologists, literature teachers, students of philological faculties.