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Competence oriented task of fhisics as a sourse of formation of pupils key competencies

Author: Liskovych Olena Volodymyrivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: competence approach, teaching physics, key competence, competence oriented task in physics.

Liskovych, O. V. (2018). Kompetentnisno oriientovani zadachi z fizyky yak zasib formuvannia kliuchovykh kompetentnostei uchniv [Competence oriented task of fhisics as a sourse of formation of pupils key competencies]. Naukovi zapysky. Seriia : Pedahohichni nauky, 168, 128-132 (ukr).


The article represents the actual problem of the up-to-date education concerning the implementation of competent approach in education, in particular the usage of competence oriented tasks in physics. The author has analyzed the condition of research of the problem of using physical tasks for the formation of different types of pupils competencies. It is determined that there is no single approach in a pedagogical science to the definition of competence oriented task, but most studies highlight the following its features: close connection with life, practical orientation, interdisciplinary content. It is proposed the definition of competence oriented task of physics as an applied task related to the actual educational, domestic or social situations, the solution of which requires the practical application of physical knowledge both in standard and non-standard conditions. The basis for the development of selection criteria for competence oriented physical tasks was the essence of competence approach and three-component competence structure, including cognitive component (knowledge); activity component (skills, abilities); personal component (motives, individual characteristics of a student, values, ability to reflection). It is determined that physical task can be considered competence oriented if its content: has a close connection with real life situations of different nature, objects of animate and inanimate nature, technique, etc.; provides for the practical application of knowledge and skills in physics to solve personal or socially significant problems; interdisciplinary; interesting for pupils of this age group; is personally valuable to student. The difference between competence oriented tasks and applied or practical oriented ones is that they must to ensure not only cognitive and activity components of competence, but also personal. The author presents examples of competence oriented tasks aimed at forming specific key competencies: informational, mathematical and civic.