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Training of principal teachers to implementing content lines of the course ''Natural history. 5th class'' in the system of the postgraduate pedagogical education

Author: Klymenko Liudmyla Oleksandrivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Natural sciences
Keywords: content curriculum lines, natural sciences, competence and activity oriented variant module, postgraduate pedagogical education

Klymenko L.O. Preparation of teachers of natural sciences for realization of semantic lines of a course «Natural science. 5th grade» in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education / L.O. Klymenko // Young scientist. – 2019. – № 7 (71). – P. 46–51.


The knowledge, skills and abilities of teachers of natural sciences are researched and unresolved problems with the implementation of the content lines of the curriculum of the course "Natural History. 5th Class ", which are:" Methods of knowledge of nature. Natural science is a complex of natural sciences "; "Objects and phenomena of nature. Natural and artificial systems »; "Earth is a planet of the solar system. Living conditions on Earth "; "Man and nature. Natural environment and human life. Protection and preservation of nature ". The course "Natural History. 5th Class " is propaedeutic in the study of linear objects of natural science: astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry in the main and senior classes of institutions of general secondary education. Higher education institutions do not prepare teachers for its teaching. Teachers of science teach physics, chemistry, biology, geography, that is, specialists who are knowledgeable in the methodology of teaching senior students, which is fundamentally different from the teaching methodology in the fifth class. The aforementioned justifies the need for teachers to prepare for the course "Natural Science. 5th Class" in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education. The article covers one of the innovative forms of teacher training in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education - a competency and activity oriented variant module for the topic chosen by the teacher from the proposed department. The dominant emphasis of modular classes is the preparation of teachers on theoretical issues of the content of training and practical classes. The permanent modernization of the course content with the latest achievements in the natural sciences is foreseen, special attention is paid to the contribution of Ukrainian naturalists and inventors to the development of world science and technology. During the practical training of the competent and activity oriented variant module, teachers' skills for choosing a learning experiment on the key questions of the course are improved: the properties of water and air; physical phenomena in nature - magnetic and optical; the methods of carrying out the educational experiment and the use of its multifunctional psychological and pedagogical potential in accordance with the Concept "New Ukrainian School", namely, promoting the development of inventive skills, initiative, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As a result of the research, it was found out that the hypothesis (improving the skills and skills of implementing the content lines of the curriculum of the course "Natural Science. 5th Class " of the teacher-naturalist will contribute to strengthening the natural knowledge and skills of students and ensuring continuity in the study of natural sciences) is confirmed. The interest of fifth graders of general secondary education institutions in the natural history and natural sciences, as well as participation in such intellectual competitions as the Internation