Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Stepanyuk Natalia Konstantinovna
Fund: Articles
Category: Art and aesthetic education
Keywords: colour scheme; composition; ornament; painting of Tauri; plot composition


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the ornamental composition in Tauric painting. The composition idea is revealed as one of the main structural components of every artwork. It is stated that composition unites and organizes space, any piece of art subjects to the so-called laws of composition. The peculiarities of the Tauria painting make a unique system of ornamental decoration, in the patterns they demonstrate predominant marine ornaments, vegetable and animal objects, and fishing. The main elements of the Tauria painting are «fish», «lighthouse», «jellyfish», «anchors», «sailboat», «seahorse», «crab», «wind rose», «wave», «boat», «cloud», «drop», «seagull», «sailboat». Each element is different in its technique. The color scheme of the painting of Tauria has its own peculiarities (white and pale-blue background depicting plant and animal elements; the composition is not overloaded with details of the décor and allows one to focus on the plot, etc). The themes and elements of the painting Tauri are simple and understandable for everyone, they have a fresh breeze from the sea, the blue sky, the fragrance of the steppes, great respect for the riches of nature and human labor, and love – boundless love for the native land. All artistic crafts always have their roots deep in history and their development is influenced by many factors, such as the natural environment, everyday life, culture of the inhabitants, legends, folklore and written creativity. Symbolism, features of composite household, color scheme, theme and performance technique grow out of this.