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Musical code of Dmitry Kremen's poetry

Author: Petrenko Olha Mikolayivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Music
Keywords: musical code, poetry of Dmitry Kremen, musical signs and symbols, decoding, musical thesaurus, recognition codes, codes of perception

Petrenko, O. M. (2019) Muzychnyi kod poezii Dmytra Kremenia [From Musical code of poetry of Dmitry Kremen]. Veresen, 3 (66), 186-190 (ukr)


The article deals with the role of musical images in poetry Dmitry Kremen. The subject of research - the musical code, which is present in texts of many works of the poet. Musical signs, symbols, links play a significant role in vocabulary, phraseology, and other means of poetry expressiveness. Recognition codes are the subject level of the sign system of poetry Dmitry Kremen. It includes a wide range of concepts related to art of sounds. Codes of perception in the poetry of Dmitry Kremen - this meaningful loads of texts, its semantic components, which highlight the deep meanings of the texts. The musical code of poetry testifies understanding the works of the poet in a deeply metaphorical sense.