Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Gladyshev Vladimir Vladimirovich
Fund: Articles
Category: Ukrainian literature
Keywords: Dmytro Kremin; lyrical hero; youth newspaper; poet; unknown poem


The article is devoted to the consideration of a poem that is unknown to the general readership, written by the outstanding Ukrainian poet and laureate of the Taras Shevchenko State Prize, Dmytro Kremin (1953‒2019). The «obscurity» of this particular poem is attributed to its unusual creative history, which is connected to the initial stage of Dmytro Kremin's work in Mykolaiv. During this time, he worked as a teacher at a pedagogical institute, served as an editor in the department of the regional youth newspaper, and led the youth literary studio «Zherela». The article reveals the leading role of the young Ukrainian poet in establishing a literary studio at the philological faculty of the Mykolaiv State Pedagogical Institute named after V. Н. Belinsky, where Dmytro Dmytrovych worked at the time. It also discusses his influence on the student youth, their creative achievements, and the creation of a Ukrainian-speaking environment. Additionally, the article explores his assistance in getting student's poems published in the newspaper, which later became his workplace. Special attention is given to the personality of the young teacher and poet, highlighting his determination to defend the Ukrainian language in a Russian-speakingenvironment under anycircumstances. The article presents a poem that was printed in the newspaper, but it was so extensively revised by Dmytro Kremin that the student author could not even recognize the lines that were published under his name. By comparing the original poem with what was printed, it is concluded that Dmytro Kremin actually wrote a new original poem in Russian, «based on» the one written by the student. The student's original poem is provided in the article. Dmytro Kremin's explanation for his actions is provided, offering insight into why the poet chose to do what he did. Through the analysis of the two texts, it is concluded that the creative character of Dmytro Kremin is fully reflected in the poem he created in Russian. The lyrical hero in this poem conveys the young Ukrainian poet's idea of the nature of creativity as a service to the Word.