Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Language code of the XXI century`s teacher

Author: Kuznietsova Anastasiia Mykolaivna, Lukyanenko Dariya Viacheslavivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Language
Keywords: globalization; linguistic personality of the educator; language code; synonymous diversity; teacher of the XXI century; Ukrainianness

Lukianenko, Dariia, Kuznietsova Anastasiia (2019). Language code of the XXI century`s teacher. Zarubizhna literatura v shkolakh Ukrainy, 9, 3–6 (ukr).


The article reveals the concept of the language code of a teacher of the XXI century through the analysis of its components. Ukrainianness is illustrated by a selection of specific words that have no equivalents in other languages, and their meaning can be explained only descriptively. The synonymous diversity of the Ukrainian language is highlighted. Examples of words often used in the lesson of foreign literature with variants of synonyms are given. It is proved that foreign literature as a subject has unique opportunities for the formation of the linguistic personality of the educator.