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Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute’s academic texts repository (hereinafter referred to as the Repository) is an electronic archive that stores the scholarly texts written by Institute's educational staff, courses’ trainees and Ukrainian scientists willing to publish their works in our electronic archive.

The Repository has the status of a full-fledged constantly updated e-resource, where you can publish your research results originally, along with printed periodicals (ISSN 2786-4871).

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New publications

Author: Shuliar Vasyl Іvanovych
Fund: Monographs
Category: Ukrainian literature
Keywords: Ecological and ethical imperative, ecological thinking and its types, methodical imperative of subjects of literary education, from concept to content content, ecological and ethical strategy for the formation of the no-education landscape in the context of the New Ukrainian School, imperatives of the educational process.
Author: Shuliar Vasyl Іvanovych, Kremin Taras Dmitrovich
Fund: Popular science, journalistic publications
Category: literature
Keywords: Unique moments of communication, a memory of a friend-enlightener, "life echoes", the treasure of the Black Sea region, touches to life, epistemology of literary local lore.
Author: Vitkovska Olena Danilivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: cooperation; democratic approach; humanization of education; participants in the educational process; pedagogy of partnership
Author: Zaporozhchenko Halyna Myxajlivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: competencies; creativity; information and communication technologies; integrated learning; integration; learning potential; local lore clubs; methods of integrated learning; research work
Author: Stepanyuk Natalia Konstantinovna
Fund: Articles
Category: New Ukrainian school
Keywords: learning process; motivation; motive; student; success.