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Humanistic foundations of the process injection of ethics into the school environment

Author: Liakhova Valentina Petrivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: injection of ethics into, morality, information field, emotional experience, empathy, social adaptation, didaktogenii.

Liakhova, V. P. (2016). Gumanisticheskaja osnova processa jetizacii shkol'noj sredy [The humanistic basis of the process of ethizing the school environment]. Veresen: naukovyi chasopys, 1–2(72–73), 11–15 (rus).


In the article author has attempted the problem of building a humane relationship between the participants of the educational process as a way of injection of ethics into the school environment. The urgency of the raised topics, discloses methods and mechanisms of formation of student's valuable representations, attention is paid to the pedagogical errors, leading to various kinds of deviations from the norms of moral and ethical development