Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


Acmeological model of modern teacher in postgraduate education

Author: Vitkovska Olena Danilivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Postgraduate education
Keywords: acmeological approach, acmeological culture, acmeological environment, acmeological model, acmeological position, acmeological potential, perceptual abilities.

Vitkovska, O. D. (2020). Acmeological model of a modern teacher in the system of postgraduate education. September, 1 (84), 90–99 (uкr).


In the conditions of reforming of education there was a need for teachers who would have the integrated knowledge, the abilities, skills and competences necessary for development of education. Fast adaptation of teachers to new’ conditions entailed emergence of akmeological approach in training of highly qualified specialists. Researches on a question of value of akmeology as sciences in the system of postdegree pedagogical education are presented in article. The author analysed different approaches of scientists to structure akmeological models of the modern teacher. The conducted research promoted development akmeological models of the modern teacher on the basis of the analysis of various structures. The akmeological is developed the model is presented as set of three spheres containing essential characteristics of professional competence which center is motivational valuable the component. Spheres belong to professional: knowledge component, design, constructive abilities, self-reflection and intuition. The personal sphere provides development of such qualities as organization, initiative, creativity, endurance, spiritual and moral qualities and emotional stability. Socially communicative sphere is characterized by integration of psychological and valeological aspects, ability to communicate effectively taking into account the individual characteristics of the subjects of interaction, to direct own state and working capacity and to react adequately to situations. According to the author, the main system positions are in interdependence, and a basis and guarantee of the effectiveness of all spheres of teacher development should be health, as a holistic state of the body, which allows you to realize your pedagogical potential. By the separate section it is characterized akmeologichesky approach in a system postdegree education. The author focuses attention on creation acmeological environment, approval of the acmeological position, development of potential of the teacher and acmeological culture. Quantitative and high-quality interpretations of results of a research confirmed efficiency of the developed model.