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Models and methods of reading for children and for children in the 21st century Моделі і способи читання дітей і підлітків 21 століття

Author: Hych, H. M.
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: reading, model reading, ways of reading, ways of changing reading practices

Models and ways of reading children and children XX1 capital // Bibliosvit. _ 2021, 3 No. (79). Stor. 25 - 34.


The article is assigned to the analysis of the peculiarities of the reading of children and children in the digital age. Stverzhutsya, so reading for the additional help of electronic noses є new practice of reading activity of children and children and water hours such practice of reading є evolutive reading as a civilization process. It is shown in indications of reading-scans and reading-books of the text. The ways of changing tired reading practices in conjunction with the formulation of the "new" model of reading children and children are named more strongly.