Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


New reading practice of students in the modern school education

Author: Gych Galina Nikolaevna
Fund: Articles
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: reading models and practices, synoptic reading, modern reading theories, digital (electronic, display) reading, reading practices of children and adolescents, reading "from paper and from screen."

Hich, H. M. (2021). New reading practice of students in the technological field of modern school education. September, 4 (91), 54–65 (ukr).


The article is devoted to the analysis of "digital reading" by students of the New Ukrainian School. That is a new reading practice and it differs from the reading habits of previous generations. The definition "digital reading" in the interpretation of Yulia Melentieva is used, it is originally considered in the context of the writing skills evolution and the development of a new information and media written culture. It has been proven that reading using e-media is a new students' reading practice, which is gradually prevails over the traditional reading. The article analyzes scientific publications on "digital reading" and names such new reading models as scrolling and scrimming. It is emphasized that "digital reading" has developed significantly in education. Firstly, due the fact that education is actively digitizing, and secondly, the basis of learning is always text (and, accordingly, reading). The main advantages and disadvantages of digital reading are considered and analyzed in the article. This type of reading is already actively mastered by children and adolescents not only in their leisure time, but also while working with texts in class and after school time. It is claimed that in mastering "digital reading", the student should be helped by a competent adult, for example a teacher, who has the appropriate knowledge about the specifics of digital reading. For the first time, methods of changing reading practice (articulation, reconfiguration and borrowing) are pointed out.