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Technological map as a component of the organization of the competence lesson

Author: Pohromska Hanna Serhiivna, Makhrovska Natalia Anatoliivna
Fund: Abstracts of speeches
Category: Pedagogy
Keywords: technological map, competence lesson, activity approach

Pohromska, H. & Makhrovska, N. (2022). Tekhnolohichna karta yak skladova orhanizatsii kompetentnisnoho uroku [Suchasni vyklyky i aktualni problemy nauky, osvity ta vyrobnytstva: materialy XXVII mizhnarodnoinaukovo-praktychnoi internet-konferentsii]. Kyiv, 68-71 (ukr)


Changes in approaches to the development of the educational process in the modern school from known (approach in terms of content) to activity (progress in terms of process) and competence (approach in terms of results) have led to the need to change approaches in preparing teachers for the lesson with emphasis on one basic and several background competencies within a particular lesson with exceptional results of individual activities of students and each of the stages of the lesson. According to the authors, it is appropriate to consider the synergy of effective and competency-based approaches to learning. Based on the fact that the activity, in particular both reproductive and productive, is a necessary but insufficient condition for obtaining the predicted end result (information product). Competence-activity lesson should consist of learning situations. Formative assessment or reflection should be provided for each learning situation. Learning situations are a specific activity, and activities need to be planned. An effective form of planning such a lesson is to compile a technological map. Its task is to reflect the activity and competence approaches in learning.