Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871


The competence potential of the Ukrainian language lesson at the New Ukrainian School

Author: Kuznietsova Anastasiia Mykolaivna
Fund: Articles
Category: New Ukrainian school
Keywords: competence; competence potential; New Ukrainian school; competence exercise/task; polycompetency task


The article reveals the problem of competence opportunities Ukrainian language lesson at the New Ukrainian School according to the State Standard of basic secondary education (2020). The implementation of competence was analyzed approach to learning the Ukrainian language in the model curriculum of N. Golub and O. Horoshkina. The examples of productive exercises for development the "problematic" competences according to Ukrainian language textbooks (authors - N. Golub, O. Horoshkina; I. Litvinov; A. Onatiy, T. Tkachuk) are given: ability communicate in foreign languages, mathematical competence, innovativeness, lifelong learning, social competences, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.