Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Shavlova Liudmyla Valeriivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Ukrainian literature
Keywords: a creative personality, creative abilities; creative assignments, creativity, the lessons of Ukrainian language and literature.


The methodological article is dedicated to Ukrainian language and literature teaching, with an accent on the pupils’ creativity development. It has been pointed out that creativity is a basis that supports the intellectual development of students and their readiness to live in a dynamic world. The applicants’ encouragement to the process of active learning, in which they are not only knowledge consumers but also knowledge creators, lets them develop the skills of critical thinking, independence, and responsibility for their own studying and accomplishments. The teaching of Ukrainian language and literature through the prism of the development of a creative personality is not only an academic task, but also an important constituent of modern education development that resonates with the challenges of reality and the development needs of each creative personality. It has been outlined the pedagogical and psychological bases of the development of creative individualities: pedagogical stimulation, application of psychological and pedagogical techniques, and systematic speech work with students in a creative and developmental environment. The article presents modern methods for teaching that help to develop the creative skills of the applicants in the lessons of the Ukrainian language and literature, including the ability to solve learning tasks creatively, to make an independent choice, and to make up an original and innovative product. There are the examples of research, stimulation and motivation, as well as practical and creative methods on the lessons of Ukrainian; practical, creative, problem-based, and heuristic tasks on the lessons of Ukrainian literature. The authors developed the assignments in Ukrainian language and literature for non-standard thinking of applicants for education on: lexical flexibility and vocabulary tasks, attention to details and precision of presentation, literary creativity, communicative skills, logical thinking, creative talents, deepening knowledge about literary works and their authors in the presented article. It has also been proposed the questions based on the poem of T. H. Shevchenko «Dream», modeled at different levels of learning material: reproductive, partial search, analytical, and creative. Their implementation contributes to the effective development of the creative abilities of modern students.