Mykolayiv In-Service Teachers Training Institute. ISSN 2786-4871



Author: Sokurenko Olena Oleksiivna, Rybachuk Oksana Anatoliyivna
Fund: Articles
Category: Humanities
Keywords: : identity; national identity; national identity of a teacher; national-patriotic education; , professional standard of a teacher; Ukrainian national identity.


Ukraine’s independence and the Russian-Ukrainian war have significantly intensified scientific research on issues related to Ukrainian national identity. It is emphasized that the national-patriotic education of the younger generation is important for preserving national identity, mobilizing society, maintaining defense capabilities, and countering enemy propaganda. The state policy is aimed at supporting, developing, and preserving the cultural heritage of the nation, studying and honoring history, revealing its various aspects that contribute to the establishment of national identity. The article examines the key concepts of the problem of establishing the Ukrainian national identity of a pedagogical worker. The relevance and expediency of studying the issue of affirming the Ukrainian national identity of the pedagogical worker in the conditions of war and post-war time periods is substantiated. An educator can act as a cultural mediator who helps preserve and transmit values in difficult times. Studying the issue of strengthening national identity will contribute to the formation of patriotic feelings among the teaching staff and students, which is important in the context of the country's defense capability and its ability to withstand aggression. The study of national identity can be part of psychological support and rehabilitation for educators who may experience stress and trauma as a result of the war. Understanding and studying national identity will contribute to the development of mutual understanding among different groups of the population, which is key to resolving conflicts and building the future in the post-war period. The author defines and analyzes the types of identities. The definition of «national identity» is considered. For the first time, the definition of the concept of «national identity of a pedagogical worker» is proposed. Based on the terms specified in the regulatory documents and the considered definitions of the key concepts of the study, the Ukrainian national identity of a pedagogical worker is defined as the pedagogical worker's awareness of his or her belonging to the Ukrainian nation, possession of competence in the areas of national-patriotic, military-patriotic education, and/or civic education, and the ability to assert the Ukrainian national identity among students.